Depression and Anxiety

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You may have depression if you feel depressed, tired, and lacking in energy for a long period of time, and have lost the desire for things that you usually like to do. Then you may need help to feel better. The vast majority get better already after a few weeks with the right treatment.

This article is about adult depression. In the case of a person younger than 18 years, you can instead read about depression in children and teenagers. Feeling sad or depressed is common and happens to everyone sometimes. These are common reactions that usually go away on their own. Read more about feeling bad and what you can do yourself to feel better.
What is depression?
You may have depression if you feel very depressed, tired, and lacking in energy for more than two weeks. Depression means that you rarely or never feel any joy or desire. Not even when you do things you usually like. The desire and energy to deal with things decrease or disappear and everyday life feel heavy and meaningless. You can also lose interest in most things around you, such as news, work, or whatever is happening in your friends’ lives. Being depressed does not mean that you are weak or that there is something “wrong” with you as a person. Depression is common. Seek help early so you can get treatment.
Symptoms of depression:
Depression can cause several different symptoms. Here is a description of the different symptoms that are common when you are depressed. You can recognize yourself in one, or more, of these:
low self-esteem
feeling of hopelessness
concentration difficulties
anxiety, irritation, or anger
physical ailments
suicidal thoughts

Anxiety – strong anxiety:
Anxiety is the fear or anxiety that is felt in the body. It is uncomfortable but not dangerous to have anxiety. There are different ways to deal with anxiety and things you can do yourself to feel better. There is also a treatment that helps.You who are a parent or other important adult of a child or teenager who has anxiety can read more here. You who himself is young can read more about anxiety UMO.se.
Symptoms of anxiety:
Anxiety is a strong fear or anxiety, which is often felt in the body. Being anxious is very common, especially when you are exposed to stress or major changes. Anxiety usually passes after a while. If your anxiety is very strong and persists for a long time, and it affects how you feel and function in everyday life, you may have what is called anxiety. Anxiety can be experienced differently for different people.
Here are examples of symptoms that you may experience with anxiety:
You may feel your heart beating faster or faster than usual.
You may have difficulty breathing or feel dizzy.
It can feel like a lump in the stomach or weight over the chest.
You may start sweating or feel hot or cold inside.
You may become dry in the mouth, need to urinate, or have a bad stomach.
You may feel tingling or numbness in your hands or feet.
You may feel shaky, shaky, or weak in the muscles.
Sometimes the anxiety starts weak and then gets stronger and stronger. Sometimes it comes quickly, without you being prepared. The reaction can sometimes feel so strong that you think you will faint, lose control or even die. But it is not dangerous to have anxiety, and the reaction goes away on its own after a while. On the other hand, experiencing anxiety frequently and repeatedly for a long time can affect life very much. Then you may need help to feel better.

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