The symptoms of COVID-19

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There are asymptomatic infections during this disease [72] , and most symptomatic patients are mostly mild (about 81%) [73] . The performance of most patients is especially flu – like symptoms . Fever is that the commonest symptom of COVID-19 disease [31] , it’s going to be high or low fever [31] , most patients will have fever at some stage [31] . Most patients even have cough symptoms, which can be dry cough or expectorative cough [31] .

Other common clinical manifestations include fatigue , weakness of the limbs, shortness of breath, nasal congestion , muscle and joint pain, sneezing , runny nose , hemoptysis, and expectoration of sputum [31] [2] [74] [75] . About 40% of patients experience loss of smell and taste , or other interference with normal smell or taste ability [76] [32] . This symptom usually appears within the early stages of the disease [76] . Some mild patients haven’t any symptoms of pneumonia, but only have low fever and mild fatigue [77] . Severe symptoms include difficulty breathing, persistent pain , confusion, difficulty walking, or darkening of the lips [2] .

Other symptoms are relatively rare, like gastrointestinal diseases like loss of appetite , diarrhea, or nausea [2] [78] , also as other symptoms like pharyngitis , headache , and dizziness [31] [2] .

Serious complications include acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) [79] , septic shock , systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) [79] [80] , difficult to correct acidosis , acute myocardial injury, and coagulopathy. Even death etc. [81] .

The time period of the disease is typically about 4-5 days after exposure, and it’s generally believed that it’ll not exceed 14 days [82] . 97.5% of patients will develop symptoms within 11.5 days after infection [83] . it’s currently believed that asymptomatic patients even have the power to spread diseases [84] .

In August 2020, scientists at the University of Southern California reported that the “possible” sequence of the initial symptoms of COVID- 19 is fever first, then cough and muscle pain, and nausea and vomiting usually appear before diarrhea [85] . this is often in sharp contrast to the foremost common way of flu , which is to cough first then have a fever [85] .

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