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According to many analysts, the future of commerce belongs exclusively to the Internet . Already today, the commercial component of the Internet is comparable in terms of the volume of trade with traditional trade. And this is no coincidence: it is one thing to wander through “live” stores, looking for the product you need, and quite another thing to do it, sitting in an easy chair and pressing the mouse button.

The most interesting thing is that the economic crisis, which removed hundreds of traditional trade enterprises from the market, practically did not affect the volume of e-commerce. Moreover, it was the economic crisis that contributed to the prosperity of many online stores ! In the USA, for example, according to the results of 2009, the turnover of electronic commerce increased by 11 percent compared to the period of 2008, and the total turnover of transactions in this area of ​​trade crossed the line of $ 150 million!

Russia, although it cannot boast of such volumes, is also literally monthly increasing the volume of electronic trade. As of today, as you know, about 50 million Russians go to the vastness of the World Wide Web, and most of the users are either visitors or buyers of online stores at the same time.

What goods and services offered by virtual commerce are most in demand among Russians today?

The championship here – for books – behind them about 40% of all virtual purchases. Next comes household appliances – about a third of all purchases, about the same amount of DVDs with films and games. About 20% of purchases are for software, as well as for air tickets, slightly less – for clothes (18%). Tourist vouchers are bought by about 13% of market participants, and about 10% – by products.

Is it possible to say that there is a trend towards an increase in the volume of virtual trading? Certainly. As the number of Russians using the Internet in their lives grows, the number of consumers of goods and services in e-commerce via the Internet store is also increasing in the same progression .

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