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At first I thought it was really a scam, so I didn’t expect to start mining Pi. I thought I was a pretty skeptical person. When I looked at the project, many things seemed too good to be true.
You can earn free coins in the app with the click of a button every 24 hours, and with almost zero work, you can earn what many people potentially call the next Bitcoin. I will.
And to be honest, I found out that this idea was very fraudulent and not as scary as I thought it was for the first time when I started researching this project.
This is not a financial fraud like a rat lecture, a Ponzi scheme, or a MLM. You don’t really spend money on the platform, and when you think about it, pyramid-like structures are almost everywhere. ..
Every company is shaped like a pyramid, but it doesn’t make everyday companies a scam, as you won’t lose more money than you make. In fact, working for a company is the way most people make a living in the United States.
And if you add that logic to your Pi network, you won’t lose more money than you make. In fact, I haven’t put anything in it, so I won’t lose any money.
And another argument is that this company is stealing your time and data?
There are no reports that someone’s data has been stolen. You spend less than a second on the app each day, and you can turn off ads if you want.
And now the question is whether this company is stealing your time, data, or money. What is this company doing?
If you eliminate all the options I mentioned, perhaps this company is trying to build a legitimate cryptocurrency. So the developers here are really really smart people, and they really have the talent and skills to create real cryptocurrencies.
And since the project has done everything a legitimate cryptocurrency project would have done so far, I really believe this may be one of the rare legitimate projects you see from time to time. , And if you decide to sign up, my invitation code insafali99 will give you access to the application and chat room.
Such an invitation code can be annoying, but if you really think about it, it’s also one of the best ways for a project to promote itself. Also, one thing you need to understand about Pi networks is that they become more secure as the network grows. This is because the Pi network relies on the most trusted members to determine who has what on the network.
And that’s one of the reasons why Pi networks are so tough on people with fake or unidentified accounts. To create a cryptocurrency based on social networks, it must contain real people. If you want to know more about this, check out my first article on Pi networks.
Pi Network — Will be the next Bitcoin of the future
I think one of the easiest ways to get started is to use a simple Google search. If you click on the link here, you’ll see that some websites currently estimate prices at around $ 1.66.
To be honest here, this is actually pretty ideal. That’s because every coin you mine is now free to convert to about $ 1 and 66 cents. Looking back at the goals of this project, the developers really want it. Create the currency that people use for their daily transactions.
And because the price of this is worth about 1.66. I think this is pretty much in line with the progress of the project.

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