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This is a mystery that has not been solved for several years. Because of fear, no animals dare to look at it, but humans often come in and out. Xiaoyu Qianqian decided to go in and find out tomorrow.

On this day, the sky was very bright, Qian Qian wagging his tail and came to the bottom of the sea. what! What, how is the house where humans live? Qian Qian looked suspicious. “Why did it take so long to come?” A human yell awakened its contemplative memory, “Um… there is! I will follow the humans in and see if I know everything!” Qian Qian said to herself with excitement. Speak up.

Huh? Qian Qian was stunned again. Why, why does this house change color? It will be yellow for a while, green for a while, read for a while, what’s the matter? At this time, a human voice came from the house: “Haha! This is my newly invented mood house, how about it? It is a house that changes colors according to human mood. In the house, there is a “the telephone”. As long as you are sad, the “telepath sensor” will transfer your mood to the manager of this room, and the room will turn into a color that makes you happy and happy to help you eliminate your uncomfortable feelings, right?” A doctor with a doctor The demeanor is telling the visitor that the visitor nodded again and again! Oh! It turned out to be like this, I see! Shallowly thought. Human wisdom is really endless!

The door is still open. It was about to walk in, suddenly! It also found that there is no water around the house? ! How can it be done? Our fish can’t live without water, so I can’t go in! “There is no water around, this is the principle of water isolation.” A human voice came from inside the house. Shallowly cross the white fence, lie down among the flowers, continue to admire…

Huh? Why is the sun shrouded here? Where I stood just now, I couldn’t see the sun, but when I stood there, I saw it: On the edge of the evening, the sun fiddled with the color of the clouds and gently scattered the most colorful petals. Sunlight slipped in through the sea, filtered into a heart, fan, and five-pointed star shape. It was me who was swimming around the house, a small fish raised by the sun. Suddenly remembered that in Yuzai Academy, the physics teacher taught me, this is-the refraction of light! Oh, clear! That’s it! It’s so beautiful! It’s not easy! Is this also a masterpiece of mankind? Humans are so great!

The ocean is blue. Under the deep seabed, there is a piece of shiny land…

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