The Boundary of Art Entertainment——Also Zong Baihua’s Artistic Thoughts

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Introduction: This article is a sample essay on art and entertainment, which can be used as a reference for related papers and a reference for writing outlines.
[Abstract] If a person’s essays are unrestrained in pursuit of satisfaction, it is instinctive. If there is no constraint of faith, the final result is “everything”, and everything can be done. This is terrible for a nation. And the current entertainment is instinctively happy, unknowingly embarking on a dangerous way to dissolve the inherent heavy spirit of national culture. Art must not only cause spiritual happiness, have entertainment, but also must have a “long time “The value of “is the embodiment of the “highest spirit” of human beings, and it has the effect of guiding people’s hearts invisibly. The most fundamental boundary between art and current entertainment lies in the difference in the ultimate influence on the individual and even the national spirit.
This is a not-so-new topic. However, to re-examine this issue from the perspective of the secondary discipline of art, it does have some profound meaning. The secondary discipline of art was born in the West at the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century. It was introduced to China in the 1920s, and the Department of Art was established at Southeast University for the first time in the mid-1990s, and later appeared in the catalog of disciplines and majors promulgated by the country for the cultivation of graduate students. One of the tasks is to seek common phenomena and common phenomena in various art categories. Laws and common theories are the so-called “opening up” problems in the academic world. This article reanalyses the problems of art and entertainment from this perspective.

We can all feel that this is a world that is eager for entertainment. Turn on the TV, and entertainment programs such as “Happy Camp” and “Zhiyong Chongguan” are overwhelmed. According to some statistics, in the TV media, entertainment programs account for the broadcast time. -More than half. With the rapid advancement of science and technology, the entertainment functions of home computers, mobile phones, etc. have become stronger and stronger, which seems to be confirming the prophecy many years ago: the era of entertainment has come.
Is entertainment wrong? It can bring economic benefits, it can bring fashion elements, it can relieve the heavy mental pressure caused by busy work, etc. In the fierce competition for survival, it is often necessary to carefully treat yourself to the best of Projecting, reflecting, and relaxing the true self in entertainment, who dares to say that this is not comparable to the doctor’s prescription?

However, the spiritual home of mankind cannot be entrusted to entertainment. As early as the last century, the world-renowned media culture researcher and critic, Neil Bozeman of the United States, in the book “Entertainment To Death”, the media “entertainment pan He pointed out that the culture of post-modern society is an era of entertainment. If this goes on, the result will inevitably be that “nations will find themselves in danger, and the fate of cultural extinction will be doomed.” The rigor and ideological nature of culture And profoundness give way to entertainment and simple pleasure, “can wither the cultural spirit.” Today, these entertainment methods that originated in the West are entertaining us with unprecedented strength. Elegant art with deep cultural heritage is nothing but the enemy In the gamified entertainment of bloggers’ laughter, some lower their taste to cater to the aesthetic taste of the audience. Moreover, almost no one denies that the entertainment industry is engaged in art, and even gives it the title of “entertainment art”. Visible, art It has become difficult to distinguish from entertainment. Regarding the harm of excessive entertainment of art, many people of insight have already pointed out clearly. For example, when Xu Jiang, a representative of the People’s Congress, criticized the tendency of “entertainment” in the essay in early 2007, he said that we must cultivate good and beautiful people. , A harmonious mind, you can’t just talk about entertainment, you need to be enlightened, you must use noble things to lead, rather than cater to people’s superficial directness and instinct, etc., nowadays, cynicism tends to overflow, which is very dangerous and so for entertainment. There are a lot of foresight to reduce worries, and many scholars have written articles. They think that the superficial funny and public personality lacking social responsibility and artistic taste will stop laughing and leave no aftertaste, which is not conducive to improving people’s spiritual realm. , Shaping the beautiful soul of people will eventually affect the future of the nation. In this regard, the author believes that clearing the boundary between art and entertainment from the theory of secondary disciplines is not only of academic significance but also of cultural managers and practitioners. Provide a thinking angle to accelerate the increase of traditional cultural factors and enhance the leading role of entertainment in the spirit of Chinese people. What is art? It seems very simple, but it is not easy to answer clearly. This is a very important second-level subject art but has not been clearly resolved. This article tries to answer this question in order to solve the problem of the boundary between art and entertainment.

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