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A woman returning home in London was found dead … England suffering from anger 
March 14, 2021
Poster appealing for information about missing Sarah EverardIMAGE COURTESY,GETTY IMAGES
Image description,
The poster was widely disseminated in London and on social media to find the missing Sarah Everard.

“Missing: I’m looking for my dear friend Sarah Evalard. Please help me.” The poster was spread in southern London and on local social media forums. The whereabouts of 33-year-old marketing manager Sarah disappeared on the night of the 3rd of this month.

It was a worrying content. However, such a call to find people is not always uncommon. Many who saw the poster expected it to be found safely soon.

Shortly thereafter, however, the Metropolitan Police Department announced in detail the final confirmed course of action, along with roadside security camera footage of Sarah. Seeing that, my worries turned into a sense of caution, followed by a heavy sense of crisis, then fear, then shock, and finally sadness.

Sarah left her friend’s house in Clapham, southern London on the night of the 3rd, and walked past the green park “Clapham Common” to her home in nearby Brixton. The route was one of the most populous, bright, and crowded areas of London with lots of streetlights. Locals walk back and forth on the same road on a daily basis.

Police attend a memorial rally for disappeared women in London to eliminate women as a reason for infection control
Disappearance of a woman on her way home, murder of an incumbent police officer in London, etc.
Women Talking about the Fear of Walking Alone, “Nobody Protects” London Disappearance
As police investigations began in earnest, local women were warned not to walk outside alone. Wayne Cousins, a 48-year-old police officer at the Metropolitan Police Department, was arrested and eventually charged with murder and kidnapping of Sarah. Police Chief Cressida Dick said it was “extremely rare” for women to be abducted on the streets, but women inside and outside London were “worried and probably scared” of the situation. did.

Police carry out a fingertip search in Poynders Road where Sarah was last seen, on 9 March 2021
Image description,
A forensic police officer examining the road Sarah was walking before disappearing (London, 9th)

Court sketch
Image description,
Cousins ​​(center) who appeared in court for a personal question. He seemed to have a red injury on his head (13th, Westminster, London)

Wayne Couzens
Image description,
Cousins ​​became a police officer at the Metropolitan Police in September 2018

Excessive crackdown by police at a memorial rally
Many were upset by this incident. It may also be related to the fact that one of the few activities allowed during the anti-pandemic lockdown was walking alone.

Memorial rallies were planned and held in various places. At Clapham Common, where Sarah walked just before her disappearance, London police officers cracked down on women gathered to commemorate Sarah on the night of the 13th for pandemic measures, arresting or excluding some women. It has been criticized for having done so.

Clashes at Clapham Common
Image description,
Women and police officers gathered in memory of Sarah (Clapham, London, 13th night)

Police detain a woman as people gather at a memorial site in Clapham Common
Image description,
Police detained some participants at a memorial service held at Clapham Common

It’s not women’s fault that women are attacked
Women from all over the UK share their experiences on social media. What kind of things did you encounter while walking outside, and what kind of measures are you taking to protect yourself? Women have said they have been followed, harassed, insulted, violent, and shown off their exposed genitals.

Helen Wadia is one of them. He told the BBC Radio that he wanted to emphasize how women feel anxious about their safety on a daily basis.

“I think it was when I was about 12 years old that I was suddenly called out when I was walking outside,” Helen said.

“Since then, I’ve been very careful. We’re careful and restrict everything. Whatever we wear, what we drink and how we drink. Even if we spend a lot of money, we force ourselves to take a taxi. When I walk outside, I hold the key and walk. When I go jogging, I don’t wear headphones. I only go to bright places. I’m really tired. “

On Twitter, there are tweets asking if you’ve been outside and feeling intimidated or followed by a man, pretending to be a phone call, changing your walking route, or running in fear. The approval has risen more than 120,000 times.

Women and apps for the peace of mind to protect themselves, emergency in place a SOS in the smart phone to a method for such, are also in progress to share information.

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